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Fundraising should be fun

Put ths fun back into your campaign.  Check with Carole.

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Fundraiser.Org is a home for fundraisers.  If you need a fundraising campaign call Carole.

Start small, make it big.

Starting small can be a good strategy.. Just start!


Do you need to raise funds for a special need or project for your group?

*Our fundraising consulting services are free to you!

*We will custom design and help implement an easy fundraising program specifically for your organization to provide maximum profits with the least amount of volunteer time!

(Note:  We can provide programs that require no money up front!)

*Call now to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation interview with a proposal for your consideration.

Carole Johnson, President of Fundraiser Help!!,

is a Bay Area Financial Planner who has, for the past 30 years, worked with local individuals, groups and businesses.  She has gathered materials and resources that will help you succeed!


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Raise funds for a special need or project!!

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Set and make your goals.  We’ll show you how.

Everyone gets to donate to the cookie jar.

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